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Whether your Application has one page or a thousand, whether it is desktop or mobile, simple or complex, Calandra Lark will guide you through the entire development process, from original concept, to design, implementation, testing, release, promotion and review.

At all stages, we leave you firmly in control, providing weekly (or even daily) updates and code releases so that you can watch your Application as it transforms from a few squiggles on a whiteboard, to a fully functioning Application that  provides your business or organisation with the tools that you require to support and expand your business.

Our aim is to involve the customer in all aspects of the development process. By using an agile methodology, we ensure that the customer can shape his or her application as it’s being developed. The customer can express preferences, or suggest alternatives, or refine the requirements  as the Application takes shape. This reduces the development time, and ensures that the end product is exactly what the client anticipated and requires. Our experience is that active customer participation is essential to the successful delivery of any application, and we do all we can to encourage it.

Bespoke Software Development

Whatever your business needs, be it marketing or online sales software, employee scheduling, resource management, procurement or reporting, we build affordable bespoke applications that exactly meet your requirements.

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Desktop Applications

It wasn't long ago that some people believed that Desktop Applications were destined to go the same way as the dinosaurs.
We didn't believe that, and developing and maintaining Desktop Applications remains an important service that we're pleased to offer.

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Mobile Applications

Our goal is to develop high performance, cross-platform mobile apps that deliver real benefit to your business or organisation. An app that is difficult to use, isn’t used. With that in mind, we concentrate on providing the best user experience for the target audience. No baubles!

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Legacy Software Modernisation

If you’re running a legacy system which is proving awkward to enhance, or no longer has the performance you require, then we can assist you develop a replacement system, and migrate your current system to it.

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Why Choose Us?

Calandra Lark specialises in developing high quality bespoke software and web applications that deliver real benefits to users, promptly and in budget.

Free Initial Consultation

There's no charge for talking! Start by bringing us your idea. We'll sit down with you and explore it. This may take an hour, or several hours. That's okay. What we want is to accurately understand your requirements, and then advise accordingly...

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Your Product

It would be annoying if you had an extension built to your house and, when finished, the builder claimed that the extension doesn’t belong to you, it was his and you have to pay an annual licence to use it...

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Future Development

Most businesses change over time, whether it is adding new customers, new products, or new processes. This means that software applications also need to change in line with the business, adding new functionality or improving performance...

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Easy to Use

Software that is difficult to use, isn't used. Calandra Lark strives to make its software applications easy to learn and use; we conform to the existing and familiar conventions used by the major software vendors, such as Microsoft and Apple...

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Project Management

We want to involve the customer in the development process as much as possible...

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Everyone knows that software costs an arm and a leg. Sometimes it can do. But at Calandra, we believe that the risk of the project should fall on us, the developers. After all, it is us who is holding ourselves out to be experts, so why should the risk not fall on us? ...

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