At Calandra Lark, our purpose is to create software for our clients that meets and exceeds their expectations. We aim to deliver software that is of real use to our clients, enabling them to achieve their goals, whether it is increasing sales, reducing costs, or being able to better serve their own clients. 

We achieve this by engaging closely with the client throughout the entire development process, from the birth of the idea, through its design, implementation, release and evaluation. We understand that clients are often not in a position to perfectly express their requirements at the start of a project, and that the development process itself often reveals new opportunities. We actively encourage our clients to feel free to modify their requirements in the light of new information or insights; a well-managed development process is perfectly capable of accommodating such refinements. 

At all stages, we leave the client firmly in control, providing weekly (or even daily) updates and code releases so that the client can watch their Application as it transforms from a few squiggles on a whiteboard, to a fully functioning Application that  provides the client’s business or organisation with the tools that it requires to support and expand its business.

By fully involving the client in all aspects of the application development, Calandra ensures that the final product completely meets the client’s expectations.