Boxing Coach is a great aid for personal sparring sessions, with or without a heavy bag, and a great way for you to keep fit and hone your skills as a boxer.

The app simulates a trainer, calling your shots, giving you any number of combinations, for example, – step forward, jab, jab – cross punch, jab, step back. Practice your footwork as Boxing Coach calls step left, jab, right hook, jab, jab, step left, jab.

Every now and then we throw in the odd left hook to the body, or right hook to the head; defensive rolls and slips left and right. For the advanced user, the combinations are lengthy and complex.Boxing Coach is everything that you need to keep yourself fit and to hone your skills as a boxer.

The user can select “Coaching advice”; when selected the trainer will offer the occasional boxing tips, for example, keep your chin down and your guard up!

An onboarding message will be displayed when the app is installed for the first time, or when there has been a new release. It can be viewed at any time by long-pressing in the first screen.

We do not record or store any data or conversations whatsoever.

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