Do you still struggle with grudges? Did someone step on your toes years ago, and does the memory still rankle? If you want to set yourself free, this is the app for you!

Did someone do something rotten to you years, or even decades ago, and does the memory of it still rankle? Do you find yourself seething with anger about something that happened to you when Victoria was queen? You’re not alone. We’ve all been there. Some annoying kid at school who stole your pen, or the teacher who accused you of cheating even though you hadn’t. Or the guy who cut you up on the road and then, added insult to injury, by giving you a Harvey Smith. 

It’s all too easy to let these things fester. The problem though is that the irksome kid or bullying teacher don’t even remember the incident. It’s just you, torturing yourself with a headful of bad thoughts, and the only person that you’re hurting is yourself.

It’s time to move on. It’s time to lay down these ancient grudges and enjoying a life free from petty anger and grudges. It’s time for Grudge Buster.

Grudge Buster will walk you through the process of labelling a grudge, of recognising what it was that upset you, and just how serious (or not) the incident was. When you’ve written down in all its gruesomeness, you can banish it forever. That’s no – no more silent seething, no more dark moods!

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