Whether your Application has one page or a thousand, whether it is desktop or mobile, simple or complex, Calandra Lark will guide you through the entire development process, from original concept, to design, implementation, testing, release, promotion and review.

At all stages, we leave you firmly in control, providing weekly (or even daily) updates and code releases so that you can watch your Application as it transforms from a few squiggles on a whiteboard, to a fully functioning Application that  provides your business or organisation with the tools that you require to support and expand your business.

Our aim is to involve the customer in all aspects of the development process. By using an agile methodology, we ensure that the customer can shape his or her application as it’s being developed. The customer can express preferences, or suggest alternatives, or refine the requirements  as the Application takes shape. This reduces the development time, and ensures that the end product is exactly what the client anticipated and requires. Our experience is that active customer participation is essential to the successful delivery of any application, and we do all we can to encourage it.

Bespoke Software Development

What is Bespoke Software?

Bespoke software is a software application that is built to meet the needs of a specific user. The user defines precisely what the requirements are, and the developer builds the application to satisfy those requirements. A bespoke application should integrate with  all existing applications and processes, and should be easy to extend and enhance as business requirements evolve. Using bespoke software, the software conforms to your processes; you don’t have to change your processes to conform to the software. The alternative to bespoke software is off-the-shelf software, which is a generic application, for example, Microsoft Word or Excel, and is intended for the mass market. 

Why is it needed?

There are several reasons for selecting a bespoke solution. First, what you want is what you get. You specify the required functionality and the software is built to deliver it. Secondly, the bespoke software integrates into your current system, without the need for esoteric bridging or conversion processes, because it’s designed to do that. Finally, a bespoke system is more responsive to changes in your processes; you don’t wait, hoping that the off-the-shelf developers will at some point deliver the functionality you require.  If it’s your software, you can implement the updates you need when you need them.