Calandra Lark specialises in developing high quality bespoke software and web applications that deliver real benefits to users, promptly and in budget.

Free Initial Consultation

There’s no charge for talking! Start by bringing us your idea. We’ll sit down with you and explore it. This may take an hour, or several hours. That’s okay. What we want is to accurately understand your requirements, and then advise accordingly. We might be able to suggest an existing product that can meet your needs with little expense. Alternatively, if the solution you require is bespoke, we’ll be able to give you a rough estimate of time and cost at the outset.

Your Product

It would be annoying if you had an extension built to your house and, when finished, the builder claimed that the extension doesn’t belong to you, it was his and you have to pay an annual licence to use it. We feel the same about software. With Calandra, the final product is yours, lock, stock and barrel. This includes all the intellectual property (IP). There are no annual license fees or other payments. We give you the code and all software component. This means that you may do what you like with your product; you can copy it, modify it, or distribute it as you wish

Future Development

Most businesses change over time, whether it is adding new customers, new products, or new processes. This means that software applications also need to change in line with the business, adding new functionality or improving performance. This is the normal state of affairs. With Calandra, you own the actual code, and this means that you may modify the application yourself in house, or you can instruct another external developer to do it for you. Of course, we would be delighted to help you in anyway ourselves, but the choice is always yours.

Easy to Use

Software that is difficult to use, isn’t used. Calandra Lark strives to make its software applications easy to learn and use; we conform to the existing and familiar conventions used by the major software vendors, such as Microsoft and Apple. In whatever environment the user is working, the user will be able to quickly master Calandra’s applications.

Project Management

We want to involve the customer in the development process as much as possible. We do this because it is the best way to ensure that the customer gets the software that he or she wants. To achieve this, we appoint a dedicated project manager who will keep the customer fully informed on progress throughout the project. This will include regular releases of the application, at least once weekly. The customer can see the application as it develops, and can actively contribute to the development. At Calandra, we don’t expect the customer to know exactly what they need at the project start. We expect requirements to alter as the project progresses, because often the development process itself often helps clarify and refine the requirements. By keeping the customer closely involved in the development process, we can easily accommodate any changes to the requirements.


Everyone knows that software costs an arm and a leg. Sometimes it can do. But at Calandra, we believe that the risk of the project should fall on us, the developers. After all, it is us who is holding ourselves out to be experts, so why should the risk not fall on us? Our approach is this: we start with a free consultation; we will then provide an estimate of the time and cost of a project. If this is in line with the customer’s expectations, we will then develop a prototype of the proposed application, which will the give the customer a better understanding of our proposal. If the customer approves the prototype, we then provide a formal quote for cost and time, which the customer is free to accept or not. If customer decides not to proceed, then there is no charge.