Word to Word will look for connections between pairs of words.

To link two words, enter the words, for example, “Spitfire” and “Portent”. Tap the  “Link Words” button and the app will try to establish links between the two words. When a link is established, the linking words are displayed in a list. Linking words can then be tapped: twice to display the word’s definitions, thrice for the word’s synonyms, and four taps for antonyms. If only one word is entered, and the “Link Words” button tapped, then the synonyms for the one word will be displayed. Occasionally, a search may take too long, and can be cancelled by tapping the “Cancel” button.

If no words are entered, and “link Words” button pressed, the app will select two random words and attempt to link those. If the user enters “@random” in the first field, and nothing in the second, then the app generates a list of between 8 and 12 random words. The user can optionally specify the number of random words to return by entering “@random 20”, “@random 30” etc. If the user enters “@anagram=text” in the first field, then the app will search for anagrams, for example entering “@anagram=ten trains”  will return “Transient”.

Double-tapping a word in the links list will display the dictionary definition or definitions of the tapped word. Swiping left or right will display the previous and next word’s definition. Tripple-tapping a word in the links list will display a list of synonyms, and four-taps will show a list of antonyms. Double-tapping a word in the synonym and antonym lists will display the dictionary entry for the selected word.

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